Anaesthetists are physicians who specialises in anaesthetics and perioperative care. They are in charge of creating a tailored anaesthetic plan for each patient, providing airway management, intra-operative life support, pain control, intra-operative stabilisation and post-operative care. At our medical centre, our resident anaesthetist is also in charge of special care wards such as the High Dependency Unit (HDU). He also provides pain consultations for patients, working together with surgeons and physicians alike. Our anaesthetist specializes in providing immediate pre-anaesthetic evaluation of the patient and to determine the appropriate anaesthetic management safely before surgery commences. Monitoring and supporting the patient’s vital organ systems during the perioperative period is done by monitoring the equipments utilized and ensure a safe and successful anaesthesia. Immediate post-anaesthetic management of the patient such as pain relief, nausea and vomiting are provided. During childbirth, pain relief is administered for the safety of both the mother and baby. In the event of emergency or life threatening condition, an immediate form of resuscitation (CPR) and stabilization is done.

Consultant Anaesthetist

drlee drirene

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